tiistai 11. joulukuuta 2012

What can I do?

While at the gym I watched a programme about a Norwegian midwife in Israel helping out Palestinian women. 

It made me think how extremely blessed I am to live where I do. How my life is so very easy. How everything in my life is good.

But it is devastating to know how many things are wrong in this world. How much suffering is everywhere. How horrible things many has to suffer. Sometimes you hear people saying that every suffering is suffering and everyone experiences things differently, so you can't compare and say that one suffers more. But I don't think that's right. Even if the actual feelings are similar, I am sure everyone would rather suffer for example a loss of a job than a brutal loss of every family member. 

I understand one can be happy in very hard conditions. One can be content with almost nothing. Our circumstances don't force us to become bitter or unhappy. But it is so much easier to be happy when life is easier. 

Looking at the world is devastating. It feels nothing can be done. Something can often be done to help one individual. And that is good. But can we really change the world? It would be quite easy. Just stop fighting. Give enough for everyone. Look after each other. 

Can we change the world as long as there are people who don't care? Can we change the world if those in power don't want to change? As much as I do believe, that one day there will be a time when people live in peace, I do lack faith that as it is, it could happen anytime soon. 

But one thing what I can do, is to teach my children. If every mother (and father) could teach tolerance, love, kindness, appreciation, selflessness and caring, perhaps we'd be one generation closer to peace and happiness. Perhaps it is the mandate of all the mothers in the world. Perhaps as mothers together we can bring it to pass.