sunnuntai 19. helmikuuta 2012

Be quiet

When the child feels everyone is always accusing her, what do you do? When she sees and hears accusation and dislike in every word and tone? When she thinks she's not as good as others? Or doesn't get a fair treatment? When she just screams and shouts to others, because they don't do what she wants? When she thinks that no one likes to play with her? When she says she knows you love her, more than you can express, as much as every other child in the family, but she doesn't feel that? At least not at the moment.

Those moments I find really hard. Usually they come right after or at the time you've gone beyond the normal to do something extra special. When you think that now no one can complain, now I've been the perfect mum for a moment. You've thought you've succeeded for one small moment, and it all comes crumbling down. It's very hard not to behave the same way. Exclaim how no one in the family cares about me or what I try to do. How I'm not appreciated one bit. How I'm such a failure, a horrible mum.

We're still all learning. Often the only way a child can learn, is by example. Words aren't enough, though important. I'm trying to learn to be quiet when needed.

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