keskiviikko 18. joulukuuta 2013

Christmas cards

I like Christmas cards. I like receiving them and putting them up on display. It's one of the things that makes it feel like Christmas. Probably because of childhood experiences. Perhaps I like them because it gives me the feeling that Christmas is getting near. There's that anticipation only a child can feel. Perhaps I'm longing for a feeling I no longer really feel. 

I also like sending Christmas cards. I want to think they mean something, to the sender and the receiver. Ideally I'd like to make all the cards myself, individually planned to each person. That hasn't ever happened yet, though I've made many cards. 

So I've thought at least I can write very personal notes on them. Thanking for things the person has done for me, sharing why I appreciate or love the person, letting the person know how highly I think of him or her or just telling the person how great she or he is. To those close to me but far away it might be nice to include a letter of how things are in my life. I always enjoy reading those. But somehow that rarely happens either.

I also imagine writing the cards one peaceful evening, candles lit, plenty of time, in November. I take time to write properly, nicely, by hand. But no, it's usually partly computer-made, with some quickly written scribbling no one can really read. Or just a photo with ready printed text. Or a bought card with just names written under the greeting text. 

I still like to send them, via mail. It's always nice to get post. But then I lose the addresses, and when time is scarce the email is so convenient. Well, I'm lying. Facebook is convenient. 

So not all the people I'd like to remember with a card will ever receive one. Probably the rest wont even notice the facebook greeting since there are so many around Christmas. But I still hold on to thinking about people in my life and hoping they have a good Christmas. The kind of Christmas they would like to have. Christmas with good feelings. Hope you have one of those this year too.

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