sunnuntai 20. maaliskuuta 2011

A robber in the house

For some reason once in a while the kids say things like: "I'm glad we live in Finland because we don't have robbers here" (to which I of course tell that we do). Or "I don't want to ever go to this or that country, because there are robbers". Or "mum, what if the robbers come to our house".

Well, on Friday we had a "robber" in our house. Only she and me and dad know about it in the family.

I went to the store with two of the kids. Older of those two, 4 yrs, at one point had a huge bulge on the cheek. Me asking "what's in your mouth" and ,alas, I find three candies there. She had taken those without me noticing and tried to hide them.

Well, the matter as such was dealed by the book, apoligized and paid for the cany with her own money etc and I know she learned the lesson.

But it was intriguing to watch her when she thought and "realized" that now in her mind she was a robber. How horrible. Since you know, robbers are something really really horrible and scary and something you never ever want to meet. :-)

I think it would be at times good for all of us to "find our inner robber". Not to purposely do wrong of course, but to realize that we all do wrong things and thus we all human beings are on the same line, not one better than the other.

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