lauantai 22. lokakuuta 2011

Why do we mothers do it? Do you?

On the way to Spain I sat next to a couple with a baby. Parents were past 30 and baby about 6 months.

It was horrible. No, not the baby, even though at times she cried. The mother. All the time telling the father how he is not capable of doing things. He kindly suggested walking on the aile with the baby- no you can't walk there, it's too narrow. Time to change the nappy, he offered to go and got a response that he would not be capable to do it in the toilet environment. For every single thing he was told that he would not be able to do it. Or that his suggestions were poor (I thought they were actually pretty good). And he was bossed around.

Let me tell you, it was just heartbreaking to listen to.

Mothers, let's respect, value and appreciate the fathers. Talk nicely. And let's let them do things. Otherwise they might not be around too long. I wouldn't, listening to that kind of attitude.

PS. I know this was one instances. Unfortunately I've heard it more often than once.

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Puolikas kirjoitti...

Oh no. That's sad. Probably the mother's tired, even depressed and pouring everything on the poor daddy. They'll need help or it'll end up badly. :(