perjantai 23. maaliskuuta 2012

Today's observations

As background, no news to those of you who know me, I'm the "sit still and behave" -type. At home kids may do all sorts, but even then I try to keep their voices low. Running is fine, shouting is not.

Today daughter started an art course at school. 10 times every Friday for 10 kids, taught by a real artist. Absolutely fantastic. (I hope. Was a bit disappointed that today's task was self portrait. In any way you like. Like it's the first thing kids do in preschool, school etc, so many times...) We had been told to wait on a certain area in the school building. Someone would come and get the kids and we adults there could ask questions. The area is situated "in between" - between the building with classrooms and the building with gym and dining area. There were 4 firstgraders- all girls -, three older girls and three thirdgrade boys. We all waited for some 10 minutes (who gets there right in time?). The boys were fooling around a bit, not running, not shouting. The vice headmistress comes and tells the boys to behave. Suggests (trying to command) the boys to go outside and wait. Soon comes the person to pick up the little artists and she tells that from now on they'll all have to wait outside.

What?  I'm fine with waiting outside. No problem with that. But I do have a problem that basically the boys were told that they are behaving badly, when in my opinion they weren't. Like said, my criteria is quite strict. They were being kids and being "punished" for it.

First, I think it's great they had the gut to come to an art class. It can be seen as a not boyish thing to do. They should be complimented for that, not told that if they don't behave they'll be kicked out - before nothing's really happened - and perhaps just because they're boys.

Second, no wonder kids are fat and don't exercise enough if even the slightest movement is considered bad and they're told to sit still and wait. After a school day. In a place where it cannot be a problem for anyone. Seriously.

I did voice my opinion, unfortunately wasn't quick enough to do it to the vice headmistress. I got this very broad explanation - as if I'd been the mother of the boys, though the lady knew I weren't. Had to explain that I am a teacher and still think the way I do.

Really, it's not easy to be a boy. Especially in school.

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