maanantai 7. toukokuuta 2012

Expecting the worse

Our son, almost 4, tumbles over a lot. It is due to his condition and doesn't differ depending on where he is. But on a playground or  any play area where he doesn't walk long distances, people don't often recognize anything weird about his walking or moving.

What often happens is that he falls next to another child. Sometimes it can look pretty bad, him landing on his face. The parent of the other child comes and asks or commmands their child to say sorry. Sometimes with an angry voice. Sometimes really reprimanding their child. And I feel so bad. Often the situation goes on so quickly or I'm too far away to explain that it really wasn't any fault of their child. The child probably didn't even touch mine or see him being near.

I'm all for teaching the child to say sorry when needed. But it seems that too often we focus on that instead of seeing what really happened or listening to the child who tries to explain he hasn't done anything to say sorry for. Why are we so quick to find fault in our children? Or are we just too worried about acting as a good parent that we don't care about the truth?

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