keskiviikko 25. huhtikuuta 2012


My two girls (7 and 6) want to sew their own dresses. At this point the paper pattern has been cut. Now I'm a bit indecisive. Should I let them make all the possible mistakes and learn (perhaps to never ever try again) or should I let them do only those things I know they either can or I know the mistakes wont be impossible to correct?

We've done some dresses before. I did the cutting and steering while the child pushed the pedal on the sewing machine. But at the time our designs weren't as elaborate as now. I'm leaning towards cutting the fabric and having them put the pins and doing the sewing the same way as before. I admit, I'm a bit scared of them sewing their fingers if I let them do it all alone.

The trouble is, my kids are a lot like me. The older girl especially. Like me golfing. Or sewing. Or doing any other thing. Even when I know how badly I do it, I want to do it my way. I'm not good at listening to "let me show how it's done". And when I do badly, I get upset. And then easily give up. (I'm not a perfectionist, when I say badly I really mean badly, not oops, the straight line is not straight for one centimetre.

I really hope we all can enjoy this sewing experience. And perhaps even create something wearable.

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