keskiviikko 25. heinäkuuta 2012


Lately I have been so grateful for my parents.

I believe we come here on earth as individuals with our unique gifts and strengths and weaknesses. I also believe our experiences with our parents and siblings mold us a lot. Peers may have some part in it too, or may not, depending on individual.  Eventually our own choices determine the way we are headed. 

My parents were no where perfect. As a teenager I could point out many things they did wrong. I still think many things could have been done differently. I've also always known they did their best with what knowledge and experience they had. 

I've followed some lives around me and realized how big a part my parents really have played in my life. Most of the good things I have I can lead to their teachings and actions. I hope I was able to show enough respect to my mother when she still lived and will be able to show enough respect to my father while he still is with us. 

One thing I've learned: No matter how much we want to hold our children responsible for their own actions, and yes, of course, to a point they are, often we miss the fact that really, very much is about what we do or don't do as parents. And we do need to take responsibility for that. Parenting is our responsibility. We are accountable for it. 

If I want my child to be a sports hero, I will have to do many things for that to happen. It is obvious. No matter how good at sports he seems to be, things don't just happen naturally. It's not enough to just occassionally go and play around. It will have to be our top priority.

It's exactly same if we want our children to be good people. If we want them to be charitable. Those who love their neighbours and God, when that is what is wanted. Then that has to be our top priority. It doesn't just happen naturally. We need to make choices that will help them become such.

I think the reason I am so grateful for my parents is that their priority was that their children would become good people, loving God. And they did their part. I hope my children can one day feel the same way.

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