perjantai 14. syyskuuta 2012

So unfair!

Today about an 11-year-old boy found a basket ball on a school yard. He read something written on it and shouted "are you xx's". An adult approached and asked, angrily, what are you shouting? What are you doing with the ball, it's our ball? Where did you take it from? Don't you understand that our name is written on it, it's not yours and thus you DO NOT touch it. The poor boy was trying to explain that he found it in a place where it was abandoned, he read the name, called them to inform them that their ball is there to throw it to someone or to have someone come and get it. 

I felt horrible for the boy. He was doing a good deed and was scolded for it. I wanted so badly to run after him and tell him he did the right thing and the adult behaved very badly. Unfortunately I was not able to do that. Perhaps I see him again.

Unfortunately it happens too often. Adults think the worst immediately. Parents (I've done it too) accuse a child of doing something they have not done, even without giving them a chance to explain. It happens in day care and school. It happens in public transportation. And wait until the teens start looking for jobs. The attitude towards teens is often plain horrible. Especially if they look a bit different.

I think many women can share the experience of how badly you're treated if you take your car to be serviced or are trying to buy a new car. Multiply that treatment you get from the men with 100 and you may get an idea what it feels to be a teenager or a child.

It is so unfair how we treat them.

Seriously. We keep hearing how disrespectful children and teenagers are nowadays. Is it any wonder? If they're not treated with respect, how would they know how to treat others with respect?

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