keskiviikko 23. helmikuuta 2011


Ihan pakko mainostaa meidän tämän päivän suosikkipuuhaa: tehtiin limaa.

Kaksi kuppia/mukia perunajauhoja
kuppi/muki vettä, johon lorautettu elintarvikeväriä

sekoita tasaiseksi (aika tiivistä ja tästä satsista tulee paljon, kannattaa pitää suhde samana ja vähentää määriä)

Kun puristelet limaa palloksi tms, se on kiinteää, siitä voi muovailla. Pysäytä puristelu ja vaikka pidä kämmenellä hetki - se muuttuu lähes nestemäiseksi limaksi. Ja taas puristelemaan. Lapset olivat innoissaan.

Jos keksit mistä ilmiö johtuu, kerro. Kerron sitten oletko oikeassa :-).


I decided to write in English also for those friends to read who do not understand Finnish. The stuff will not be same in Finnish and English and sometimes the post will be just one or the other. We'll see how it goes.

I've entertained myself in past few weeks by watching BBC movies and series originally written by Brontë sisters and their contemporaries. It has made me wonder how much of me is affected by my circumstances. What kind of a person would I have been had I lived during those times. How much would that have been affected by my social status.

I feel I do not do anything great and big with my life. But my life is so good. Had I lived then and been a woman, would I have been one trying to get more power to women or just settled with what I was given? I like to think I would have been one making a difference. Never know. But what I do know through genealogy, that I've had ancestors with convictions who have worked hard to get what they've wanted or felt right. Like a peasant lancestor sending his son to school among the first ones during that century. Like my grandfather refusing to hold a weapon, even surrounded by the Russians. Like an ancestor building a school for the villagers and teaching there for a long time.

I wish I had been like them, making a difference. My only chance is to make a difference now.

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Leda kirjoitti...

I love BBC movies! I like Jane Austen as well. I know what you mean about ancesters; learning about them. It builds our own character as we get to know them. I see the wisdom in prophets telling us to do so.

When I go to the temple, I look to see when that person lived. Watching these movies helps me to feel their time period a little bit.

I'm so glad you've asked me to be your friend. These are my two blogs. One is a Crafty blog, but the other is my family~

I look forward to our friendship & your insights, Leda