perjantai 6. toukokuuta 2011


you have days when the only goal is to get through the day. It may include doing many things you've promised to do that day, even good and fun things. Just some days it's more of a chore than pleasure. Or it can be getting through the day even without really "doing anything". It may be caused by many different things - just the simple lack of sleep, sickness, depression, stress and many other things.

It's a worthy goal those days. To get through it. One should be merciful enough to accept it. And not do more than getting through requires. What ever it is in each case. There's always a new day for doing more. Sometimes less is better. For the whole family.

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Joy For Your Journey kirjoitti...

Okay I came across your blog and was intrigued by it. I have no idea if you have written recently or a long time ago since I don't know Finnish, but hopefully you will get to read this.

We were in Finland (Helsinki) about two years ago on a cruise ship and loved it there. I also have a very good friend whose mother is from there and still has a lot of family members living there, and we have a boy in our stake on a mission there now. We were so excited that he was called there because that is where is mother is from and she passed away a couple weeks before he got his call.

Anyway--thank for letting me drop in on our life. :-)

mormoniäiti kirjoitti...

Sorry for not replying earlier - How fun that you have so many connections with Finland. Welcome back again :-). Who's the Elder from your Stake? We don't have too many of them, so the chance to meet him is pretty good.