perjantai 22. heinäkuuta 2011

Changing your brain

We play this game as a family when we're in the car. It's called mini-cheddar. If you see a Mini, you call mini and get a point. If you see a yellow car you call cheddar and get a point. If you see a yellow Mini you call mini-cheddar and get ten points and the game ends and you've won. If no one sees that, the one with most points when arriving to the destination wins.

We've been playing it for two months now. The result is that every time I drive the car on my own I keep noticing these yellow cars and Minis and say in my mind Mini or cheddar, though not really wanting to.

Just the mere doing it has wired my brain differently.

I wish I had enough desire to start looking for people I could help, where ever I am, and see my brain wired differently in a few months. So that it would be automatic. But it would mean I really would have to do something about it then, go and help. I wish I desired it enough.

Perhaps one day.

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