tiistai 9. elokuuta 2011

Looking forward to

This summer has just flown by. I had so many things in my mind what we would like to do with the kids. And had "scheduled" free, nothing to do time as well, because I think that too is extremely important. We managed to do many fun things we wanted to and have really enjoyed the summer.

But I'm also looking forward to the school and hobbies and all that busy life to begin. Even if it means going back and forth many times a day. I just get around to do so many more things when I'm "busy". If I have a block of 3 hours of unscheduled time I manage to do many things instead of having the whole day free to idle away.

A new school year, even if it's not mine, holds so many hidden promises about exciting future. You never know how much and what you are going to learn. You never know how many new friends will you make. You just don't know what great and fun things the future holds for you.

And that is exciting. Even when you get older. You never know.

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