keskiviikko 9. marraskuuta 2011


Fear tends to paralyze us. We don't function as well as we could or should. Thoughts often become irrational, unproportionate and very time and energy consuming. In worst cases fear in a way swallows us and all we can see and feel is the fear.

People tend to try to control the fear in various ways. It may be denying. It may be focusing on those things you can control. It may be taking steps to prevent the worst case scenario - which at times may be done by superstitious deeds. Sometimes people turn to God when facing fear. The feeling that there is someone greater than anything, can diminish the fear. Some say thus God is just an invention of the mind of insecure and fearful people.

I know it's not so. God is real. But if God would be only an invention of a mind, would it be so bad? Why would it be worse than other forms of fear control or other forms of seeking "feel good"? Why is faith in God attacked by many? Is it the thought of  a supreme being or is it caused by the acts of people, who claim to believe in God  -any God?

If we want people to think faith in God is a good thing, we need to show it is a good thing - a source for good in our lives. 

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