torstai 10. marraskuuta 2011

Women and girls

Traditionally the image is that girls are the nice and quiet ones and boys are the rowdier ones. The ones how get into mischief and fights. We know the image has flaws and that generalisations don't work on individuals.

But what really is going on? Has women been in the past so suppressed that they haven't been able to express themselves as they have wanted. I'm sure in many ways that is the case. Or are women today adapting more menly ways to deal with things? Despite of what they actually are and how they naturally would react to things? If so, why?

Here women's use of alcohol has been increasing for the last 40 years, dramatically. In many subgroups (age often as the determination) men and women consume the same amount of alcohol. And we're not talking about moderate amounts. So has smoking increased among women.

Domestic violence is more often caused by women. Perhaps it has been about the same amounts before, but the shame has prevented men to report it more. Or perhaps not.

I don't know. When I think about my son's class, it's the girls who make trouble, not boys. The girls quarrel. That's what we're used to. But they also fight with fists. They kick. Recently a girl cut another girl's finger with scissors. The kid running away from school whenever, is a girl. The kids not doing their homework are girls. The kids going to see the headmaster are girls. Boys just play sports, do their homework and get good grades. And they're not the shy, reading type boys. They're active funloving boys you could imagine being the ones in trouble.

I know it's just one class. But I see it in other places and other forms too. I do worry about our girls in the society. I worry, that for some reason they feel not so good. I worry, that there is a reason for these phenomena. 

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