perjantai 15. huhtikuuta 2011

My heart ached

Sometimes it's just those small things. I was picking up daughter from pre-school (she's 6, the age for pre-school here). Overheard a few girls tell another mum that there's a new girl coming to the class on Monday. Desiree. And she's black.

I'm excited.

I was amazed and saddened though the way some of the kids handled it. One boy invented - at the time or had before - to call her desilitre... One girl kept saying she's a nigger (the word in Finnish isn't as bad here as in some other places, but has the same root). The way she was spoken about by that particular group of kids sounded like she wont have it that easy.

I was so happy to hear daughter speak about the matter as a normal thing. Luckily we have friends who don't look exactly like us in many different ways. She started practising her English so that she can play with Desiree - the teacher had spoken with the mother in English, so it is unclear what language the girl speaks. It warmed my heart. Perhaps it wont be so hard for the new little girl after all.

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Leda kirjoitti...

It's obvious that your daughter has had a very good of example from you of loving everyone and not caring what they look like or how they speak. That is one of the joys of motherhood when we see our children choosing the right and being Christ-like. This happens everywhere in the world, but one little girl at a time, your little girl in this case, can and WILL make a difference. 10 years ago, we moved to a new school. My daughter instantly made friends, its a talent she has. It was several months that she has a BEST friend, finally one day her best friend came to our home to meet us. As I looked up, I saw the most beautiful black girl. (we don't live around very many) NOT ONCE did my daughter tell me what color she was. My mother heart warmed with love and gratitude for my daughter, it didn't matter to her, I felt like I had done something right in raising her to look beyond the color...and see the character of the person. This girl had high enough standards for my daughter to have as a friend. IN ANOTHER CASE... the same daughter - we moved to another home a year later... the most popular, cutest group of girls (white) wanted her to be in their 'group' of friends. She came home and told me that while they are nice girls, they don't have the standards that I have, I don't want to hang out with them. Now fast forward a few more years...this same daughter is now married and lives away from us in California. She has befriended so many different kinds of people, from so many different backgrounds. She is an amazing 'missionary' in this way. She tells people about the true church. And lives the gospel through her example I know others see this. Children are a great JOY aren't they!
Well, I'm sorry that I've written such a long comment.

mormoniäiti kirjoitti...

That is so sweet Leda. I really really hope my kids could "turn out" that way!

Puolikas kirjoitti...

Children are crule, but it's the grown-ups who can make the difference.. and it doesn't have to be a religious choice. For us, it's a humanitarian choice; it's about the equality of all mankind, it's about basic human rights.

I'm sad to say there are people who believe in Christ and still don't love their neighbours. In fact, they despise people who don't believe the same way they do. But I'm glad the latter-day saints church isn't like that, for what I know. :)

mormoniäiti kirjoitti...

You're absolutely right, it is and should be basic human rights - to be accepted and valued as you are. An equal, because that what everyone is.

Knowing you, I'm sure you voted well today - or at least who you did not vote :-)